The Casino Girl Club of Rochester and casino night event

The boys & Girls Rochester club is not just another club for gambling or casinos. It is one of the best clubs in the world that has a specific mission to create awareness and consciousness among young children to help them in growing up in a very humble and great human being. The mission of Boys & Girls Club of Rochester is to inspire and enable the young children from all backgrounds in realizing their complete potential to become a really caring and productive citizen. The club is focused on offering help in honing the skills necessary to become responsible citizens and leaders.

The focus and objective

The Boys & Girls Club of Rochester is empowered with these positive development experiences and this why they want to incorporate these positive traits in the young children of the present day. Children these days are so skilled, yet they are so much vulnerable to abuse and issues which hinder the complete growth of a child. This is why the casino girl club of Rochester has got the necessary tools, and development experiences for overcoming any failure oriented or negative environments and pushes the children in fulfilling their dreams.

The focus and objective of Boys & Girls club Rochester

From its inception, the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester offer leadership and mentoring skills for supporting the lives of young children who face innumerable hurdles like broken homes, poverty, unemployment, crimes and a lot of other difficulties in schools. To help them in dealing with all these issues, Boys & Girls Club of Rochester offers a complete support and helping hand. They came up with an event, and the Director of Boys & Girls Club Dwayne Mahoney discussed the event with News8. This is the first time they have come up with something like this, and the proceeds will go in support of the young and talented kids throughout the year.

One of the best

The Boys & Girls Club in Rochester organized a Casino night which is going to start from 6.00, and it will run until 10.00 PM. The casino night will have gambling, food, and raffles. The club is expecting more than 200 people, and according to them, the Wintergarden atmosphere was just the perfect place to carry on such event. Even though the club is organizing a casino night, you can rest assured because this one will not be like a real casino. The chips will not have real money or cash value, but they will be able to exchange those chips with the raffle tickets. The raffle winners will be able to enjoy a lot of prizes.

One of the best helping hand for the kids

Considering the year of 2017, the Director of the club also said that it had been quite a good year and they are also focusing on the literacy efforts in addition to what they are doing. They are already running a very prominent and accelerated reading program, but the best part is they have been successful in adding the STEM program and expand their growth in a very short period of time. Apart from this, the best part is, they are also trying to become a trauma-informed organization especially after what happened in the Boys & Girls Club in Rochester.

The primary focus now is to how they are going to serve the Boys & Girls who are coming to the club. They are observing the studies done by the CDC regarding the kids affected by trauma. The casino girl club wants to ensure that they are serving the kids the way they deserve to be treated. Certain members are funding the community, and those places are helping the club to look at how the kids are impacted by the trauma and how much they can perfectly serve them.

During the promotion in of the Casino Night of the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester, it was mentioned that what happens in Vegas, is also happening in the club but the only difference is this is happening for a great cause. The target of this event is creating a fun way for supporting the cause of Boys & Girls Club of Rochester. You can buy tickets to check out the show, and the price of this ticket will be donated to the charity cause for the kids. This is one of the best movements for helping kids, and it needs support from generous people.

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