Varieties of online bingo games for money

Bingo is the game with simple rules, availability and good chances of the player to win (in any case, the casino advantage in bongo round is lower than in slot machines and depends only on random).

Description and basic rules - Online bingo games

The game consists of a match table, individual chips, and loto-trone. The goal of the game is straightforward: to win as much money as possible by collecting lines or columns with numbers that will pop out of the gambling machine. There are no bets at all. You just cross the numbers on your card. The first person, who gets an entirely covered line, shouts: “BINGO!” and wins. The faster you get all the digits crossed – the bigger the prize. The game ends, when the last winning card is played.

Varieties and variations

Usually, bingo does not require specialized training or any special skills, but you still need to know the rules. It is important to understand the nuances of this or that variation of the game, to be guided by differences, to be able to choose the right strategy and so on.

Varieties and variations of the game

There are two main types of online bingo games for money: British (90 balls) and American (75 balls). The main difference between them is in the cards. British cards are rectangular and have three rows of nine squares, each of which has five numbers. The game has three stages. The first level is playing until someone fills up any 1 of 3 lines, the second – 2 of 3, the third – 3 of 3.

American version provides square cards 5x5, and the columns are named B, I, N, G and O. Usually, this variation of the game requires from players to fill the numbers in the shape of the simple figure, for example, a hat or a plane. Orientation or rotation of the figure on the card is neglecting.

Online bingo from different developers

Since Bingo is very popular among gamblers, this game is released by almost all developers of gambling software. In the struggle for players, manufacturers compete in graphics, animation, and sound. Many online casinos offer to play bingo with a live croupier.

Quite often it happens that the same version of the game, but from different software manufacturers, is significantly different from the presence of specific rules or the availability of additional functionality from the developer. Therefore, in addition to the basic rules of a game, the player needs to read the review and rules of a particular game from an individual developer before starting the game for real money.