Blackjack Tips

Online tournaments of elimination blackjack are very hot right now. In fact, this phenomenon just keeps attracting more adherents - and fast. More websites are now providing elimination blackjack tournaments, and the majority of casinos with games of blackjack also provide the tournaments of this game.

This development has resulted in a lot of blackjack players casting critical eyes to their strategies and has caused them to search for brand new angles, which may help them out in elimination blackjack.

Although elimination blackjack tournaments definitely have certain amounts of subtle traits, this version still follows classic blackjack strategy precepts in its core. Here are several basics that will help you out during elimination tournaments.

The Ultimate Strategy for Elimination Blackjack

When partaking in online tournaments of elimination blackjack, there is one main rule you have to remember: you should always hit with hard 8s or anything below that. There are no exceptions for this rule. Conversely, another rule needs to be used with the same consistency: you should always stand on hard 17s or higher. These rules should never be broken, but fortunately, they are very easy to remember. Because of this ease, you should have no excuses - aside from cognitive failure that is - of getting elimination because of forgetting these rules.

When stiff hands appear (basically, the hard 12s to the hard 16s), it is possible for you to experience anguish during elimination blackjack games online similar to the kind of anguish you are used to with regular blackjack. Such hands are never fun since they are mostly too weak to win over the dealer and they also come with high odds of busting, as well.

On the plus side, there are some potential hands for double down that you may get every now and then. Hard 9s to hard 11s are usually seen as great double down hands, even when it comes to the elimination version. As for splitting, common sense must be used at all times. 8s and Aces should always be split, for example, no matter what hand the dealer may have. Conversely, 10s or 5s should never be split. These rules should already be known to you, so do not assume that these rules change when it comes to online tournaments of elimination blackjack. After all, the numbers stay the sme.

After everything, any changes to your strategy are going to be part of the category of psychology. Follow your trustworthy charts and you will be able to avoid elimination altogether with some luck. Good luck!